Subaru Forester Brakes 1999 2000 (4) PDF

4. Schematic
(1) ABS control module and hydrau-
lic control unit (ABSCM&H/U)
(2) ABS control module area
(3) Valve relay
(4) Motor relay
(5) Motor
(6) Front left inlet solenoid valve
(7) Front left outlet solenoid valve
(8) Front right inlet solenoid valve
(9) Front right outlet solenoid valve
(10) Rear left inlet solenoid valve
(11) Rear left outlet solenoid valve
(12) Rear right inlet solenoid valve
(13) Rear right outlet solenoid valve
(14) Automatic transmission control
(15) Diagnosis connector
(16) Data link connector
(17) ABS warning light
(18) Stop light switch
(19) Stop light
(20) G sensor
(21) Front left ABS sensor
(22) Front right ABS sensor
(23) Rear left ABS sensor
(24) Rear right ABS sensor
(25) Battery
(26) Ignition switch
4. Schematic

Subaru Forester Brakes 1999 2000 (4) Summary of Content

4. SchematicS4M0057B(1) ABS control module and hydrau-lic control unit (ABSCMH/U)(2) ABS control module area(3) Valve relay(4) Motor relay(5) Motor(6) Front left inlet solenoid valve(7) Front left outlet solenoid valve(8) Front right inlet solenoid valve(9) Front right outlet solenoid valve(10) Rear left inlet solenoid valve(11) Rear left outlet solenoid valve(12) Rear right inlet solenoid valve(13) Rear right outlet solenoid valve(14) Automatic transmission controlmodule(15) Diagnosis connector(16) Data link connector(17) ABS warning light(18) Stop light switch(19) Stop light(20) G sensor(21) Front left ABS sensor(22) Front right ABS sensor(23) Rear left ABS sensor(24) Rear right ABS sensor(25) Battery(26) Ignition switch64-4 [T400] DIAGNOSTICS4. Schematic