Subaru Forester Doors and Windows 1999 2000 (18) PDF

1. Door Glass
Condition Apparent cause/Correction
Glass in fully closed
1) Glass runs out of weatherstrip lip when considerable hand
pressure is applied to it from inside.
(This condition may cause wind/booming noise during high-
speed operation.)
Insufficient upward travel of glass
Increase upward travel of glass.
2) Clearance exists between glass and weatherstrip when
light hand pressure is applied to it at center and rear pillar
(This condition may cause wind noise and/or water leakage.)
Insufficient glass-to-door weather-
strip contact
Check stabilizer and glass for proper
contact. Increase contact using upper
sash adjustment bolt.
Improper adjustment of striker in in-
out direction
Close door and check for alignment of
striker with vehicle body.
3) Adjust door glass so that it is aligned with door rearview
mirror gusset.
Window is not properly adjusted in
up-down/fore-aft direction.
Adjust window. If necessary, move B
channel regulator to eliminate window
Gusset is not properly adjusted in
fore-aft direction.
Adjust gusset after loosing all bolts and
nuts which tighten it.
1. Door Glass