For vehicles equipped with a Supplemental
Restraint (Air Bag) System:
Service on and around the air bag system
components or wiring must be performed
only by an authorized SUZUKI dealer.
Refer to “Air Bag System Components and
Wiring Location View” under “General De-
scription” in air bag system section in order
to confirm whether you are performing ser-
vice on or near the air bag system compo-
nents or wiring. Please observe all WARN-
INGS and “Service Precautions” under “On-
Vehicle Service” in air bag system section
before performing service on or around the
air bag system components or wiring. Fail-
ure to follow WARNINGS could result in
unintentional activation of the system or
could render the system inoperative. Either
of these two conditions may result in severe
If the air bag system and another vehicle
system both need repair, SUZUKI recom-
mends that the air bag system be repaired
first, to help avoid unintended air bag sys-
tem activation.
Do not modify the steering wheel, instru-
ment panel or any other air bag system com-
ponent (on or around air bag system compo-
nents or wiring). Modifications can adverse-
ly affect air bag system performance and
lead to injury.
If the vehicle will be exposed to tempera-
tures over 93 C (200 F) (for example, during
a paint baking process), remove the air bag
system components (air bag (inflator) mod-
ule, sensing and diagnostic module (SDM),
seat belt pretensioner (if equipped) before-
hand to avoid component damage or unin-
tended activation.
Please read this manual and follow its instructions
carefully. To emphasize special information, the
words WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE have spe-
cial meanings. Pay special attention to the messages
highlighted by these signal words.
Indicates special information to make mainte-
nance easier or instructions clearer.
Indicates a potential hazard that could result
in death or injury.
Indicates a potential hazard that could result
in vehicle damage.
This service manual is intended for authorized
SUZUKI dealers and qualified service me-
chanics only. Inexperienced mechanics or
mechanics without the proper tools and
equipment may not be able to properly per-
form the services described in this manual.
Improper repair may result in injury to the me-
chanic and may render the vehicle unsafe for
the driver and passengers.