Volvo 245 1978 Owners Manual PDF | Page 17

1978 Volvo 242 244 245
18 Electrically heated rear window (demist)
0 Off
1 On
Switch off the rear window heater when the glass is clear of mist or frost. Otherwise the battery will be
unduly strained.
Do not place items against the inner surface of the rear window that may damage the printed circuit. Do
not scrape the inner surface of the rear window glass with a hard object, otherwise damage to the printed
circuit will occur.
21 Hazard warning flasher
0 Off
1 On
Four way flashing is used to indicate that the vehicle has become a traffic hazard (either during daylight
or at night).
Note: Regulations regarding the use of the hazard warning flasher may vary from state to state.
pg. 14 Heating and ventilation
Heating system
Left = COOL
Right = WARM
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