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Vehicles with SRS (Airbag)/SIPS bag/IC (Inflatable curtain)
Extra caution must be exercised when working on vehicles equipped with SRS/SIPS bag/IC
in order to avoid:
1. Personal injuries when performing repair work.
2. Damage or malfunction of the SRS/SIPS bag/IC system.
Work involving the SRS/SIPS bag/IC systems or other components in the vehicle that may
affect the SRS/SIPS bag/IC systems must always be performed by an authorized Volvo
In case of doubt, consult the SRS and SIPS bag/IC service manual.
Is the vehicle equipped with SRS/SIPS bag/IC?
Vehicles with SRS are most easily recognized by the letters SRS in the center of the steering
wheel. If the vehicle also has a passenger side airbag, the letters SRS are stamped on the
dashboard above the glove compartment. SRS vehicles from 1993 and onward also have
explosive seat belt tensioners. SIPS bags are only installed on SRS vehicles from 1995 and
onward. SIPS bag decals are located on the windshield and seat compartment. Vehicles with
IC can be recognized by the letters IC on the C/D panel (4 door) or the B panel (5 door).
General recommendations
• Be especially careful when working on or around SRS, SIPS, and IC components.
• Make sure that no wires are pinched, frayed, or pierced.
• Never fit accessories by the sensors.
• Where applicable, work on the steering wheel, steering shaft, or steering gear must be done
in accordance with the methods in the SRS section of VIDA.
• Certain components of the aforementioned systems must be grounded while working. Read
the appropriate sections in VIDA.
• Do not install any accessories in the areas between the A and B-posts, the B and C-posts,
and the C and D-posts.
Test terminal
Fuse in cargo compartment auxiliary fuse box
Changes introduced up to April 2006
Any changes made to the vehicle after this date are not included in the
manual. If necessary, refer to service bulletins.
Volvo models are sold in versions adapted for different markets. These
adaptations depend on factors such as legal requirements, taxation, and
market demands.
This manual may therefore include illustrations and text that do not apply to
the vehicles in your country.
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